Message To The Visitors

Out of the rushes of the town, Malampuzha is a quiet and peaceful village bounded by the Sahya Mountain range. There, the creative gathering of nature’s artistry and man’s strong determination as well as craftsmanship is beautifully presented by Malampuzha Dam.

The catchment area of Malampuzha Dam is composed of the Western Ghats which shares the Kerala Tamil Nadu border. The small rivers named Onnampuzha, Mailadipuzha, Kallampuzha, Mayapparathodu, Elivalpuzha (Cherupuzha) flowing through these mountain range are the main water sources of the Dam. The journey through the ring road above the Dam reservoir will give you a scenic view of the ravishing beauty of these rivers, hill sides, small islands and forests. The journey which extends to South Malampuzha, Anakkal and Kava will be a memorable experience to every tourist with wanderlust.

Just like God’s blessing, the showering of natural beauty has provided a lot of views and spots in Malampuzha which will be comforting for both children as well as elders. The colourful garden and children’s park which can be visited at a reasonable ticket charge has made Malampuzha a favorite pick for the families.

Also during the occasions of festivals like Onam, Christmas and Eid, decorations and special celebrations are conducted by DTPC organized by the Irrigation Department. A walk above the dam enjoying the gentle breeze and the golden rays from the sunset, accompanied by the wide and beautiful view of the garden and lightings, with a viewpoint up to 35km far Nelliyampathy Hills are the exclusive assets of Malampuzha.

Malampuzha, for travel and tourism.

Thank you

Sidhik H
Assistant Engineer,
Dam Section,