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‘Udan Khatola’ - an Aerial Passenger Ropeway operates across Malampuzha Gardens and parallel to the Dam. First of its kind in South India, this 1252 mtrs long Ropeway facilitates a breathtaking panoramic view of the exotic landscapes of malampuzha Gardens flying at a height of 60 ft above ground. This unique Ropeway is equipped with all requisite safety systems and is operated by Usha Breco Limited – the first Ropeway Company to be awarded an ISO 9001-2008 certification. The Ropeway operates 66 chair cars with a seating capacity for two, from 10:00 AM to 06:30 PM throughout the year.

Tariff :

Single 80
Family ( 2 Adult + 2 Childrens (below 130 cm height) ) 240
Students (6 nos) 400

Service Time : 10 AM to 6:30 PM .

 Contact No:    0491 2815129

Malampuzha Snake Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre is maintained by the Kerala Forest Department, Palakkad. Various poisonous and non-poisonous reptiles are exhibited in the Snake Park, but with utmost care of them. Apart from snakes, there are tortoises and a crocodile exhibited here. The main crowd-puller in this park are the two King Cobras that are kept in two Air-conditioned rooms. There are instructions board available . which shows what to do in case of a Snake bite, and the lifestyles of snakes. There is a small stall inside the Snake Park, named "Pugmark Green Shop", run by the Forest Development Agency, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. Natural honey, Cocoa, Coffee, Sandalwood Oil, Jute bags and various Bamboo products are available for sale in this stall. These products are manufactured by the tribals people living in the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Kerala.

Snake Park is located just outside the main entrance of Malampuzha Garden. (Turn left after coming out of Malampuzha Garden). Currently, the following snakes are kept in individual glass cages in the Snake Park:

  • King Cobra (രാജവെമ്പാല)
  • White Cobra (വെള്ളമൂര്ഖന്)
  • Cobra (മൂര്ഖന്)
  • Forsten Cat Snake (വള്ളിച്ചുരുട്ട)
  • Rat Snake (കരിംചേര)
  • Spectacled Cobra (പുല്ലാനി മൂര്ഖന്)
  • Indian Rock Python (മലമ്പാമ്പ്)
  • Banded Kukri (മൂവരയന് ചുരുട്ട)
  • Ceylancat (ചുരുട്ട)
  • Trinket Snake (കാട്ട് പാമ്പ്)
  • Dog-faced Water Snake (ആറ്റുവാഴിപ്പാമ്പ്)
  • Common Krait (വെള്ളിക്കെട്ടന് / ശംഖുവരയന്)
  • Black Cobra (കരിമൂര്ഖന്)
  • Vine Snake (പച്ചോലപ്പാമ്പ്)
  • Russells Viper (ആണലി / ചേനത്തണ്ടന്)
  • Rat Snake (മഞ്ഞച്ചേര)
  • Spring Cat Snake (പൂച്ചക്കണ്ണന് പാമ്പ്)
  • Golden Tree Snake (നാഗത്താന് പാമ്പ്)
  • Wolf Snake (ഓലച്ചുരുട്ട / വെള്ളിവരയന്)
  • Bronzeback Tree Snake (വില്ലൂന്നി)

Apart from these snakes, three pythons are left free in a large wired cage with a tree. Pythons are found resting on the tree branches. There are plenty of non-venomous snakes left free in a small but wide well. There is a crocodile and a few tortoises. Two King Cobras (one male and one female) are kept in air-conditioned rooms. The male King Cobra was captured from South malampuzha on May 15th, 2010 and the female King Cobra from Kava Ashramam on July 18th, 2006.

Tariff :

Adult 20
Children 10

Service Time : 08 AM to 6 PM . Not available on Monday

 Contact No:    8547602084

A fresh-water aquarium, shaped like a giant fish, is situated outside the malampuzha Gardens on the way to the Ropeway entrance. Visitors get inside the aquarium through the wide opened mouth of the fish. Though not having a large collection, various varieties of fishes and other marine specimen are exhibited. The aquarium is open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The aquarium is operated by the Kerala Governemt Fisheries Department, which also runs a fish culture in the reservoir.

Tariff :

Adult 25
Children 15

Service Time :

12 PM to 8 PM . Holydays 10 AM to 8 PM

 Contact No:    9400182200

Malampuzha Rock Garden, maintained by the District Tourism Promotion Council, Palakkad, is the first-of-its-kind in South India. The Rock Garden was inaugurated on 7th January, 1996 in a building constructed by the District Nirmithi Kendra, Palakkad. This impressive collection of artwork is conceived and designed by renowned sculptor Padmasree Neck Chand Saini, the creator of India's first rock garden located in Chandigarh.

What makes this garden distinct is the fact that the artifacts displayed here are made of waste materials such as used plastic bottles and cans, waste pieces of Tiles, Granites, Stones, Electricity Fuse Carriers, Power Insulators, Broken Bangles, Melamine Dishware, etc. The garden was renovated recently and is a good time to visit now.

Winding mountain ranges of the Western Ghats in the surroundings add to the scenic beauty of this garden. Rock Garden is located 800 meters South of malampuzha Dam. (Turn left after coming out of malampuzha Garden).


Adult 20
Children 10

Service Time :

10 PM to 5 PM .

Kava is an awesome and silent scenic spot located on the other side of the Malampuzha Dam. There are no public transport systems available to the place. Either drive through the Malampuzha - Kanjikode road and take left to Kava - Anakkal Road (after Rock Gardens), or walk straight after the end of the dam, along the catchment area. (It is too much to walk, you are warned). The waves of water will make you feel you are on a sea shore. The location would be an unforgettable delight for Nature lovers and photographers.

For the connoisseurs of art Malampuzha has a Fine Arts Gallery under the aegis of Ministry of Culture, Kerala State. Situated near Malampuzha Bus Stand, this art gallery has on display finest creations of famous artits from Kerala. The gallery exhibits famous works from other galleries every month.

Service Time :

10 AM to 5 PM . Not available on Monday

 Contact No:    9645697646

Fantasy Park is Kerala's premier amusement park located in malampuzha. The entire establishment is divided into a Water Park, a Dry Park and a planetarium. Full of world class rides, wave pools and gravity defying water tubes, the Water Park is worth taking a plunge in! The Dry Park boasts of an excellent food court and an thrilling assortment of fun rides that cater to all ages. The Digital Planetarium is the latest addition that paves a path for the children to learn about the exciting field of space science and technology.

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 Contact No:    0491 - 2815122