Inside Garden

  • Cycle process of filtering Swimming pool water daily, changing pool water weekly
  • Cleaning pool Surroundings daily
  • Good Sanitation facilities for both men & Women
  • Boards indicating detailed information
  • Average 20 persons engages on Swimming pool activities on holidays in working days below. 5-8 persons engages on swimming activities on a weekly basis.
  • Depth 1.5 Mtr (Max), 1.05 Mtr
  • Capacity – 776000Lt.
  • Size – 25 x 15 m + 16.20 m x 14.50m
  • Not available on Monday

Tariff :

75 per person for an hour both for adults & children
Service hours : 10 AM to 5 PM. Not available on Monday
  • Another good attracting element for nature loves were one can definitely enjoy the beauty of Malampuzha dam.
  • Good information boards indicating the capacity of the bridge
  • The tourist can view dam very closer.
  • Can be utilized for (IN) were other can be used for (OUT) purpose during high peak season.
  • Need security personnel to control the rush of tourists on season, in order to avoid dangers.
  • Good atmosphere which can attract large number of visitors
  • Good architecture
  • Good view point for river of the dam

Fern Cottage is ideally located to treat its occupants to the beauty of spillway waterfall and the serene river flowing alongside. Since it is heavily sought after by newly married, it has become popular as "Honeymoon Cottage".

  • Good way to enjoy the beauty of the river.
  • Helps in creating good feeling to the touristers

 Booking No:    0491 2815111

  • Good attracting element which showcases the history and attraction of Malampuzha dam.
  • Good atmosphere
  • Good lighting arrangements
  • Good seating arrangements
  • All child entertaining equipments are availed.
  • All category of children (Higher, Lower, Middle) Classes, can enjoy the services.
  • Information boards indicating detailed information.

Adults and children can enjoy a ride on the toy train through the children park. The train after renovation sports the look of the metro train.

Tariff :

Adult 10
Childrens(Between 3 and 12 years old) 5
Service hours: 11 AM to 7 PM. Not available on Monday

More fun in store for the visitors. Take a boat ride on the artificial lake situated downstream of spillway infront of the Dam. Visitors can choose from different kinds of boats which are operated by KTDC.


  • Pedal Boat for 2 Person : 150 for 15 minutes
  • Pedal Boat for 4 Person : 270 for 15 minutes
  • Motor Boat for 6 Person and 1 children(Between 3 and 12 years old ) : 420
  • Motor Boat for 8 Person and 2 children(Between 3 and 12 years old) : 530

The visitors who have trouble in Walking can avail the dam top safari. They can board a vehicle at the entrance and ride through the dam top, earth dam, lake view, governor street and mango garden. Maximum of 7 passengers are allowed in one ride

Tariff :

350 for One Trip ( 7 Adult )

Service Time :

10 AM to 5 PM . Not available on Monday

Traverse the greenery of Mango Garden on a cycle, witnessing the serene Lake View and Governors Seat en route.
Cycles can be availed from near Wind Mill
Tariff: 10 per hour
Service hours: 10AM to 5 PM. Not available on Monday

The Pavillion is located above dam on the right extreme. It showcases technical information about the dam and the team of experts who were involved in the construction. The Pavillion also remembers the souls who lost their lives during construction. It has a gallery of pictures of the dam in its construction phase.

Tariff :


Service Time :

10 AM to 6 PM . Not available on Monday

 Contact No:    9400008767

The sky observatory houses an astronomical telescope. The curious skywatchers can make use of this telescope to explore the planets, stars and other celestial bodies.

Tariff :

Adult 25
Children (Between 3 and 12 years old) 10

Service Time :

7 PM to 8 PM . Not available on Monday

Located at 'Point A' of the garden, Memory Piller is a tribute to those great men and women who sacrificed their lives during the construction of the dam. The dates of commencement of construction and completion is engraved on the piller.